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80lb Tow spreader with poly hopper
The Cobra TS45 tow spreader has been designed for easy operation and exceptional coverage. Whether you are seeding, weeding or feeding your lawn, the TS45 with 80lb capacity is the tool for the job.
› Capacity: 80lb / 45ltr
› Spread Pattern: 8-10ft
› Wheels: 13x5" Pneumatic
› Control Panel with Precision Rate Settings
› Drive Type: Tow
› Steel Tube Frame Construction
› Heavy Duty / Corrosion Free Poly Hopper / Weight: 10kg
› Domestic Warranty: 1 Year
RRP: £74.99
Promo: £69.99
*Promo Price only at participating dealers
N.B £40.00 charge for deliveries to Northern Ireland
Cobra spreaders take the hard work
out of creating a beautiful lawn
Every Cobra spreader has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for
the changing conditions of the British garden.
Cobra TS45 with 80lb poly hopper
Heavy duty, corrosion free construction

Whether you are seeding, weeding or feeding your lawn, the TS45 with its large 80lb capacity is the tool for the job.
The hopper is constructed from heavy duty, poly plastic and as such, is resistant to corrosion giving your Cobra spreader an even longer life.

Ergonomically positioned
operator controls
Cobra puts the power in your hands

The Cobra TS45 spreader has been designed to make caring for your garden a simple and effortless task.

The ergonomically positioned controls not only make operator use more comfortable and accurate, but more importantly, make using Cobra spreaders as safe as possible.

Cobra TS45 with pneumatic tyres
More traction on rough bumpy outdoor terrains
The Cobra TS45 spreader comes equipped with pneumatic tyres. Pneumatic tyres are made from two parts,
the outer part is made from tough rubber with tyre treads and the second part is an inner tube filled with air placed inside the outer piece.
This not only makes the TS45 easier to handle but is ideal for rough or bumpy terrains, such as outdoors and on gravel.
One good idea deserves another
Cobra tow spreaders are packed with innovative features to help you
create the perfect garden with the minimum of effort.