Cobra SG15L Stump Grinder
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15hp Loncin Powered Stump Grinder
Introducing the new Cobra SG15L Stump Grinder. It can tackle tree stumps and root systems from 600mm above the ground to 235mm below ground. A powerful Loncin G420 engine and 9 heavy duty teeth providing excellent results.
› Engine: 15hp Loncin G420
› Drive Type: Hand Propelled
› Cutting Depth Below Ground: 235mm
› Cutting Depth Above Ground: 600mm
› Cutting Wheel Diameter / Thickness: 300mm / 90mm
› Teeth: 9
› Domestic Warranty: 2 Years / Professional: 1 Year
› Weight: 110kg
RRP: £1,299.00
Promo: £1,199.00
*Promo Price only at participating dealers
N.B £40.00 charge for deliveries to Northern Ireland
Cobra, the perfect combination of
power, style and reliability
Every Cobra stump grinder has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for
the changing conditions of the British lawn.
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RRP: £1,099.00
PROMO: £979.00
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