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20" Petrol Powered with Steel Rear Roller
The Cobra RM513SPBI petrol lawnmower is powered by a new Briggs & Stratton 675IS Series engine. The RM513SPBI is self propelled with 3 speed transmission and has a steel rear roller for a striped finish.
› Engine: Briggs & Stratton 675IS InStart Series
› Drive Type: Self Propelled / 3 Speed                  › Speed 1: 2.9km/h
› Cutting Width: 51cm / 20"                                   › Speed 2: 3.3km/h
› Cutting Height: 17 - 75mm 6 Stage Adj.             › Speed 3: 3.9km/h
› Grass Bag Capacity: 70ltr                                   › Rear Roller: Steel
› Collection System: Direct Collection
› Weight: 42kg
› Domestic Warranty: 2 Years
RRP: £739.99
Promo: £674.99
*Promo Price only at participating dealers
N.B £40.00 charge for deliveries to Northern Ireland
Cobra, the perfect combination of
power, style and reliability
Every Cobra lawnmower has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for
the changing conditions of the British lawn.
Push Button Starting System
Instant starting with Cobra lawnmowers

Proven Lithium-ion battery technology ensures simple instant starting over-and-over again without constant recharging. Push-button is the easiest starting ever. InStart technology eliminates the need for the traditional recoil starting system.

Quick battery starting with Cobra RM513SPBI
The greener way to cut your lawn

InStart battery can be quickly charged from flat so you don't have to wait too long until your mower is ready to go!

More than 50 starts from a fully charged battery.

RM513SPBI lawnmower with 3 speed gearbox
Expertly powering Cobra lawnmowers
The Cobra RM513SPBI lawnmower comes complete with a 3 Speed gearbox. This feature allows the operator to select the drive speed to suit the mowing conditions (faster for longer runs and slower for more intricate areas) using the control unit mounted on the handlebar.
A closer cut with the Cobra RM513SPBI
Cobra Rear Roller lawnmowers cut down to 17mm
With a fully adjustable 6 cutting heights ranging from 17mm for a superb low finish, up to 75mm for tackling
longer grass, choose the Cobra RM513SPBI. All this is achieved by simply using the single height of cut adjustment lever
which has been conveniently positioned next to the steel rear roller.
One good idea deserves another
Cobra petrol lawnmowers are packed with innovative features to help you
create the perfect garden with the minimum of effort.
grass bag
cutting heights
Large capacity grass bag for increased collection.
The Cobra RM513SPBI petrol lawnmower is equipped with a 70ltr fabric grass bag, ideal for collecting large amounts of grass clippings before the need for emptying.

The grass bag on the Cobra RM513SPBI is made from a robust, high quality fabric. This fabric enables a strong free flow of air which means that grass collection on this machine is even more compact and comprehensive.
Single lever 6 stage height of cut adjustment
The Cobra RM513SPBI petrol lawnmower has 6 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 17mm for a superb low finish, up to 75mm for tackling longer grass.

All this is achieved by simply using the single height of cut adjustment lever.
Depending on the height of your grass, you can easily and efficiently adjust the cutting height to suit.
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