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Cartridge Stand
Fits ALL 6 Fortis Cartridges
The Cobra cartridge stand is an ideal choice among Cobra’s mower accessories for organizing and showcasing your Cobra lawncare cartridges. This double sided stand is designed to hold all six cartridges in the range and is free-standing, allowing you to save space in your garden shed or garage. It's the perfect solution for keeping your cartridges in order and easily accessible.
› 143cm Height / 70cm Width / 60cm Depth
› Fits all Scarifier Cartridge sizes
› Fits all 10 Blade Cartridge sizes
› Fits all Dethatcher Cartridge sizes
› Fits all Verticut Cartridge sizes
› Fits all Lawn Brush Cartridge sizes
› Fits all Aerator Cartridge sizes
RRP: £220.00
Promo: £199.99
*Promo Price only at participating dealers
N.B £40.00 charge for deliveries to Northern Ireland

'How To' Lawncare Cartridge Change

Lawncare Cartridge Range

6 Additional interchangable lawncare cartridges that take the hard work out of garden maintenance all year round.
Whatever the garden task, the Fortis cartridge range will have a tool to complete the job with ease. Cobra Fortis lawnmowers have a range of interchangeable lawncare cartridges available which allow you to easily convert your mower to suit different lawn maintenance tasks. For example, you can switch from a 6-bladed cutting cylinder for general mowing to a scarifier cartridge for thatch removal or a verticutter cartridge for removing of lateral growth and coarser grasses.
Dethatcher Cartridge
The dethatcher cartridge functions with the blades penetrating into the surface of the soil to eliminate the densest layers of thatch, dead grass, leaves and weeds. By removing thatch, lawns become healthier, thicker, and more vibrant.
RRP From: £209.99 - Promo From: £189.99
10 Blade Cartridge
Made of hardened ground steel, the 10-bladed cylinder cartridge delivers an even more precise low cut of 3.0mm that looks great and promotes a healthier lawn. Ideal for regular mowing of the lawn and for creating that bowling green finish.
RRP From: £299.99 - Promo From: £284.99
Scarifier Cartridge
The spring tine scarifier cartridge is the ideal tool to remove thatch and moss from your lawn. Using the scarifier cartridge can help to promote a healthier, more attractive lawn, while also reducing the need for fertilisers and weed control products.
RRP From: £199.99 - Promo From: £179.99
Aerator Cartridge
The Fortis aerator cartridge creates tiny holes in the soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate more effectively into the root zone. This facilitates a deeper root growth, resulting in a denser, healthier, and more luxurious lawn.
RRP From: £334.99 - Promo From: £309.99
Lawn Brush Cartridge
The Fortis lawn brush cartridge can be used for various tasks, including removing debris on the lawn surface such as leaves and worm casts. This can also be used as a grooming brush to enhance the presentation of a lawn without mowing.
RRP From: £239.99 - Promo From: £219.99
Verticut Cartridge
The closely spaced and slim steel blades on this verticut cartridge are effective in lifting/cutting laterally growing grasses, eliminating moss, whilst pruning the grass plant to stimulate new growth promoting a healthier lawn.
RRP From: £279.99 - Promo From: £249.99
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