Cobra Li-ion 40v 4.0Ah Battery
Battery Manual
4.0Ah Battery
40v Li-ion Battery
Powerful 4.0Ah battery compatible with all Cobra 40v products.
› Battery: 40v Li-ion
› Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah
› Fits: All Cobra 40v Li-ion Lawnmowers
› Fits: All Cobra 40v Handheld Products
› Domestic Warranty: 2 Years
RRP: £134.99
*Promo Price only at participating dealers
N.B £40.00 charge for deliveries to Northern Ireland
Cobra 40v Li-ion batteries fit all
40v Cobra cordless garden machinery
Every Cobra battery has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for
the Cobra cordless machinery ranges.
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